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Looking for a Father’s Day present? Go to the big sale at Carriage House Antiques tomorrow. It’s an enjoyable place for the ladies to shop. They have a special man’s cave, too – well, they don’t call it that, but it’s at the back set apart from girly antiques. Last week, however, my man found a set of cactus book ends in one of the other vendor’s booths. Someone, however, took those book ends to the front counter before my husband could grab them. Imagine who! They certainly would make the perfect Father’s Day gift for a special dad and husband.
When you walk in the antique store, turn to the right. Go all the way to the end of the aisle. Curve to the left a bit, and look on your right. There you’ll find that man cave with many very old and interesting antiques. Now for the ladies, if you love the comforts of nostalgic antique treasures, you’ll love Carriage House Antiques.

Last week I purchased a cottage book I couldn’t pass up. Call it country, nostalgic, or comfort, decorating and living in a cottage makes life pleasurable for a southern girl like me. If you love to garden or entertain your friends in the back yard, you’ll find the nicest and cutest table and chair sets for the outdoors and garden items . Let’s certainly not leave out the kitchen. Beautiful china, tablecloths, aprons, kitchen gadgets, and a multitude more you’ll discover. Never do I leave this friendly place without inspiration for writing my books and blogs, adding to my garden, or decorating my cottage.
Carriage House Antiques will welcome you with their friendly manner any day you go in, but on this Saturday, May 21st, they are offering even more. You’ll find special sales, food, live singing, and giveaways throughout the day. This Saturday hours are from 9:00 A.M. ’til 6:00 P.M. Music begins at 10:00 A.M. Mention that you heard about it from Angi at High Desert Blogging. Read more about Carriage House Antiques on their Facebook page.


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