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High Desert Artists

Lately I’ve been focusing on antique shops in the High Desert. That’s because I love antiques. If you ever need to be inspired, visit a couple of antique shops. First, do some window shopping. Yes, you may see things you don’t want to leave without. Pick them up, and carry them on your first walk around if you may. But focus on observing. Maybe it’s your house you need inspiration for or your writing or blogging. When my mother passed away three years ago, I would go to Carriage House Antiques for comfort reasons. My mom was an amazing decorator in her home, an artist, a fabulous cook, excellent seamstress. She had the creative knack. I would walk around the antique shop and see things that reminded me of her, and it made me feel close to her. Occasionally in that first year, the reminders of those things would bring the tears on, and I would have to cut my inspiration visit short. Once, Bunny, the owner of Carriage House Antiques, was so sweet to give me a hug and comfort me with her caring spirit. So whatever your need for inspiration is, see what a walk through an antique shop will do for you.

While visiting antique shops and talking with owners and vendors, I meet the sweetest people who live in the High Desert. These are people like you and me, looking for inspiration, shopping for antiques, and who also have their own creative ideas. One such beautiful lady I met at Blue Goose Antiques, a fascinating blend of antiques. This little lady, Twania, and I found out that we are both from Texas. Not just from the big state of Texas but from two cities right next to each other. It’s an area on the Gulf Coast called the Golden Triangle, three cities together kind of like Hesperia, Victorville, and Apple Valley. What a coincidence. We enjoyed getting to know each other and met for tea and shopping later over at Carriage House Antiques. Since then I had the privilege of seeing Twania’s art. She is a fabulous abstract artist, and her art is beautiful. Let me introduce you to Twania and her art. Take a walk through the photo tour below.

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