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Interested in becoming a writer or improving your writing? If you haven’t visited the busy High Desert Branch of the California Writers Club yet, make plans to visit. It’s held on the second Saturday every month at the Apple Valley Library. It’s a great group to get to know. President President Bob Isbill invites successful authors to speak to the group. One of my favorite scheduled speakers this year is a highly successful blogger who pays his mortgage by blogging. Recent speakers listed below have shared their interesting writing experiences. Q&A sessions included always provide helpful information to the writers attending the meetings.

  • Gerald Schiller, an author of nine books and over 100 articles and magician, spoke to the writer’s group in February.
  • HD CWC member Holly La Pat spoke at the Hesperia Library
  • HD CWC member Mary Langer Thompson held a poetry workshop at the Hesperia Library in June on “Poetry from the Head and the Heart and a Few Other Places”.
  • HD CWC members Ann Heimback, Thomas Kier, Suzanne Holbrook-Brumbaugh and Dianne Neil presented writing excerpts in an “open mic” forum at the June meeting.

This week’s focus at High Desert Blogging is on one of these authors, Holly La Pat. First impressions last a long time. My first impression of Holly is her ability to smile a lot. I like that about a person. My mother always smiled a lot. She was a pastor’s wife, and one never saw her at church without a smile. When I met Holly La Pat, I knew I would like this lady because every time you see her, she smiles. That says a lot about an individual. It doesn’t matter that a tire went flat or that the temperature is in the three digits to such a person. That doesn’t stop the smile. If it does, you and I probably won’t notice. I observed these things from Mother who smiled in spite of difficulties.

Holly wrote the book, Meg’s Confession, under her pen name, Sierra Donovan. I heard her read excerpts from the book and knew then I wanted to read it. Once I began reading it, I couldn’t put it down. Meg’s Confession is about a “pregnant widow who ducks into a confessional to spill her deepest, darkest secrets” to the priest. There was a problem, however. The man she confessed to was not a priest.

Holly has also written freelance articles for the Victorville Daily Press. Order Sierra Donovan’s books throughavalonbooks.com, Amazon.com and barnesandnoble.com.

Thank you for visiting High Desert Blogging. I hope that you will visit again soon.



Comments on: "High Desert’s Writer’s Club" (3)

  1. Thank so much for the information Angie. I will make a mark in my appointment book to check it out. May you have a wonderful 4th of July too!

  2. Angie, I had a wonderful time this week at the Mission Galleria, Antiques and Collectibles,and gifts. 3300 Main Street, Riverside, Ca. 92501. 35,000 sq. ft., four floors of wonderful things.

  3. Twania, thank you for the comments! Isn’t Mission Galleria fun? Impossible to go through in a short time – there’s so much.

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