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Nature’s Way

I’m back from my blogging break! Oh. I went to my daughter’s Texas wedding in July. While I was there it rained every day in my hometown, a couple of hours from the wedding in Kemah. It only rained in Kemah about one time the week of the wedding. I know the Kemah residents were wanting rain, but for my daughter’s sake, I was happy that it did not rain on the day of her wedding because it was held outside by the by in the back yard of her and her groom’s friends house. My daughter had wanted to use sparklers as she and her new groom left after the wedding. It was not to be, however, because of the drought. She was pleasantly surprised, though, when it was announced that the last summer Friday night fireworks would take place at 9:00 pm the Friday night after her rehearsal. The fireworks were fabulous right there on the Kemah bay where the wedding rehearsal was. My daughter got her fireworks after all!

Nature’s way is fascinating. Before I left for the Texas wedding, my cat lost her fat – kittens. She hid them well because I couldn’t find them. When I returned, I opened the door one day to feed her, and she hissed at me. That never happens unless she has kittens nearby. So I went on a search and found them in a cool (if that’s possible in the desert on a summer day) spot underneath our RV. Cute little furries. I haven’t figured out yet if there are two big kittens or three huddled together. I can’t get to them unless I crawled under the trailer with creepy crawlies like black widows that I can’t stand. Okay, I do love nature but not the black widows. They terrify me. I know they must be good for something, just not for me.

Another amazing nature change in my yard since I returned from Texas is the leaning cactus with the bird’s nest. It looks a little like the leaning tower of Piza. I haven’t seen any birdie babies, though. Funny thing is if it leans any more, my cat just might figure out a way to land in all that prickly cactus. You think? Hopefully not.

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Summer life in the desert is fascinating.


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