A blog about High Desert places, events, and people in So Cal


Hi, I’m Angie. I love to blog, write, read, travel, garden, take photos of nature, and go with my husband gallivanting around Southern California. We are RV’ers. We spent several years as full-time RV’ers across America in ministry work, doing workshops for churches and families, and comedy. More recently, we found a little cottage needing special TLC in a community of Victor Valley. In the meantime we take off to find interesting sites around the High Desert. As a part of this blog I’ll be showing photos of interesting people, places, and nature of the High Desert. In our travels we’ve spoken with individuals who have lived in their area all of their lives and never ventured out to discover their area. Imagine living in the High Desert and never realizing there is an airport, a coffee shop called “The Grind”, Curves for women to exercise, or a Sonic on Bear Valley Road.

Welcome to High Desert Blogging!


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  1. Thank you, Freddi:) So glad you came to visit High Desert Blogging.

  2. Thank you, Freddi! So glad you came to visit High Desert Blogging:)

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