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About Blogging

What is a blog? That is the question I often hear when I tell people I’m a blogger. Simply put, a blog is the combination of two words: web and log. Put those two together, and you get blog. A blog is like a journal or diary. There are different types of blogs. There are casual blogs as a hobby, business blogs for money, and in-between blogs that may be for business purposes but written in a casual manner. Pick any subject, and there is probably a blog about it.

Everyone has a strength, a hobby, or just in plain simple terms, something he or she likes to do. I like to blog because I like to meet people, and I like to read about their fascinating stories. Every person has a story. I enjoy interviewing people because I learn. There are no two stories alike. In fact,  I wrote the soon-to-be-released book, Phantom Seven which is a personal history book, a collection of WWII memoirs about seven men. What’s funny is two of the men can tell about the same thing that happened yet tell two different stories. Why is that? I guess it’s because just like there are no two stories alike, no two people think exactly alike. Maybe that’s why I find it so fascinating to learn the history and experiences of people. 

I’ve met some wonderful entrepreneurs in the High Desert since I began High Desert Blogging. Click on the slide presentation below to meet entrepreneurs I’ve recently met and to view the treasures they offer for sale.

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Blogging News

It’s feeling more like summer, a busy time for weddings. I’d like to invite you over to Southwest Cottage Designs where I blog about southwestern cottage living. This month I’m blogging about a wedding series that includes a wedding ring quilt giveaway. Go by and enter to win the quilt. There are three ways to enter:

  1. Enter your ideas on how to decorate a country outside wedding
  2. Follow Southwest Cottage Designs blog
  3. Make a donation that goes toward the wedding ring quilt expense and/or the bride’s and groom’s mission trip

This pretty vintage quilt was purchased at Carriage House Antiques. It is old but has been well taken care of.

Wedding Ring Giveaway Quilt

What have you planned for the fathers in your family for Father’s Day? Last weekend my husband and I went by Linda Marie’s Enchanted Treasures and Antique Station on Hwy. 18. Incidentally, these are not just antiques for ladies. We saw several gentlemen browsing, too. If you’re looking for a unique antique perfect for your man, visit these fun shops. Sunday we went by Carriage House (had to pay on the quilt layaway). My other half found an old brass toilet paper holder, perfect for our little high desert cottage cabin. Now if you’re wondering what kind of things the gentlemen might look at in antique shops, look at these photos:

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If you see any antique items in the slideshow you’d like to have for a Father’s Day gift, take some time to go antique shopping this week. Tell them Angi from High Desert Blogging sent you.

In regard to the latest High Desert Blogging news, I’ll be teaching a blogging workshop soon in the High Desert. The workshop will include information on setting up a blog, how to blog, how to connect with other bloggers and how to build traffic to your blog. If you are interested in attending, contact me for the details.

Come back soon for another visit to High Desert Blogging. Enjoy your summer, and plan some fun family time in your busy schedule.

High Desert Artists

Lately I’ve been focusing on antique shops in the High Desert. That’s because I love antiques. If you ever need to be inspired, visit a couple of antique shops. First, do some window shopping. Yes, you may see things you don’t want to leave without. Pick them up, and carry them on your first walk around if you may. But focus on observing. Maybe it’s your house you need inspiration for or your writing or blogging. When my mother passed away three years ago, I would go to Carriage House Antiques for comfort reasons. My mom was an amazing decorator in her home, an artist, a fabulous cook, excellent seamstress. She had the creative knack. I would walk around the antique shop and see things that reminded me of her, and it made me feel close to her. Occasionally in that first year, the reminders of those things would bring the tears on, and I would have to cut my inspiration visit short. Once, Bunny, the owner of Carriage House Antiques, was so sweet to give me a hug and comfort me with her caring spirit. So whatever your need for inspiration is, see what a walk through an antique shop will do for you.

While visiting antique shops and talking with owners and vendors, I meet the sweetest people who live in the High Desert. These are people like you and me, looking for inspiration, shopping for antiques, and who also have their own creative ideas. One such beautiful lady I met at Blue Goose Antiques, a fascinating blend of antiques. This little lady, Twania, and I found out that we are both from Texas. Not just from the big state of Texas but from two cities right next to each other. It’s an area on the Gulf Coast called the Golden Triangle, three cities together kind of like Hesperia, Victorville, and Apple Valley. What a coincidence. We enjoyed getting to know each other and met for tea and shopping later over at Carriage House Antiques. Since then I had the privilege of seeing Twania’s art. She is a fabulous abstract artist, and her art is beautiful. Let me introduce you to Twania and her art. Take a walk through the photo tour below.

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Memorial Day Weekend Places

It’s a long holiday weekend again, time to be with family. Stop a few moments today and tomorrow in your busy time to do your gratefuls as my mother-in-law used to say. We have much to be grateful for. We have a free country to live in. Drive safely on this Memorial Day weekend.

Lately I’ve been visiting antique shops, one of my favorite hobbies. This weekend I went by Blue Goose Antiques on Juniper Street in Hesperia across from Kentucky Fried Chicken and Carriage House Antiques on Hesperia Road in Hesperia. Do you know what I love about these two places? Every time I go by, they’ve changed things up and added more beautiful and interesting vintage items. When you stop in at these two antique shops, be sure to tell them you heard about them over at Angi’s High Desert Blogging blog. I love vintage, and that’s one reason I was shopping at an antique store. There is a vendor at Carriage House Antiques who often carries pretty vintage quilts. I was looking for a wedding ring quilt for a contest giveaway prize on one of my blogs, Southwest Cottage Designs. Visit today, follow the blog, and enter to win the quilt.
Other shops to visit in and near the High Desert:

  • On Monday, May 30, there is a big sale at the Treasures & Junk antiques mall at 215 S. San Antonio Ave. in Ontario. Their regular hours are 10-5.
  • The Village Grind, 6020 Park Dr., Wrightwood
  • The Wine Cellar, 6020 Park Dr., Wrightwood
  • Beverly’s Books, 4369 Phelan Road, Phelan and 6063 Park Drive, Wrightwood
  • Something Old Something New, 6009 Park Dr., Wrightwood
  • Smoketree Junction Antiques, 815 Hwy. 138/Oasis Road, Pinon Hills
  • Linda Marie’s Enchanted Treasures, 19222 National Trails Hwy., Oro Grande
  • Trinket Trader, 23837 Lake Dr., Crestline
  • Antiques and Shabby Chic, 16207 Main St., Hesperia

Wrightwood is a fun place to visit for a day or weekend with beautiful sites to see, fun shops, and the best coffee shops.This weekend my husband and I stopped by The Village Grind in Wrightwood and enjoyed a fresh cinnamon roll. Owners Greg. and Linda are always very hospitable to their customers. This little shop is customer friendly with free Wi-Fi, reading and games available, the coolest art you can purchase at unbelievable prices, a separate little wine tasting area, and seating inside and out. Stop by the Village Grind when you go to Wrightwood (Hint…they have the best sandwiches!).

Like guitars, pies, and a cup of Joe? Nish and Kim just opened the fascinating Frets McGillicuddy and Joe Mudd’s. Nish also has the coolest eclectic antique shop, Pinker Place. I found a vintage typewriter pamphlet that I couldn’t resist. It showed some typing tests from the Great Depression era. Reason I couldn’t pass it up? I learned how to type on an old manual typewriter like this little vintage piece advertised. My dad also learned how to type on a manual  probably not long after the Depression. He was the fastest typist in his school. His typing is what ushered him into the OSS (forerunner to the CIA). Learn more in the book, Phantom Seven. Pre-order www.writeyourownhorn.org.

If you like to read, Beverly’s Books is the place to find books. For the family who likes old and new, check out the Something Old Something New shop. These are all friendly places. We took pictures of shops, shop owners, and interesting sites. (Kim and Allu, we included the only photos we had of you. They are a bit blurry, but you were just too nice to us to leave you out of the photo slideshow!) Click on the Wrightwood photo slideshow below:

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If you are out and about and learn about new antique places that you would like me to mention at High Desert Blogging, contact me with the information. Though this blog is not only about antiques, currently that is the theme. Occasionally, this blog will feature antique shop owners and their shops and vendors who have spaces within those antique shops.

Enjoy your holiday weekend!

Mother’s Day in High Desert, So Cal

Looking for something fun to do on Mother’s Day weekend? I love antiques, and this weekend Crestline is having this fabulous Art-Tiques Walk Saturday evening.

FREE Crestline Art-Tiques Walk-Saturday, May 7 atLake Drive, Crestline, 5:00 pm. Walk along historic Lake Drive, and visit antique stores and local artists’ booths and enjoy art, live music, and family activities. The Art-Tiques walk in Crestline has become a new tradition on the first Saturday of each month. If you are interested in participating in the Crestline Art-Tiques Walk, contact Pamela at: pamela@anarklectic.com.
Another of my favorite antique places to go are:

  • Carriage House Antiques on Hesperia Road

If you’ve never been to Carriage House Antiques, take your mom there this weekend if she likes antiques and hot tea served in real china cups. She’ll love browsing in the many shops. It’s a lovely place, and she will leave there inspired and feeling good.

Carriage House Antiques Photos:

  • Linda Marie’s Enchanted Treasures

19222 National Trails Highway

Historical Route 66

Oro Granda, CA


Linda Marie’s antique shop is lovely, and you’ll enjoy meeting Linda Marie. Her shop is near another large antique shop, also. Have fun antique shopping!

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