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Nature’s Way

I’m back from my blogging break! Oh. I went to my daughter’s Texas wedding in July. While I was there it rained every day in my hometown, a couple of hours from the wedding in Kemah. It only rained in Kemah about one time the week of the wedding. I know the Kemah residents were wanting rain, but for my daughter’s sake, I was happy that it did not rain on the day of her wedding because it was held outside by the by in the back yard of her and her groom’s friends house. My daughter had wanted to use sparklers as she and her new groom left after the wedding. It was not to be, however, because of the drought. She was pleasantly surprised, though, when it was announced that the last summer Friday night fireworks would take place at 9:00 pm the Friday night after her rehearsal. The fireworks were fabulous right there on the Kemah bay where the wedding rehearsal was. My daughter got her fireworks after all!

Nature’s way is fascinating. Before I left for the Texas wedding, my cat lost her fat – kittens. She hid them well because I couldn’t find them. When I returned, I opened the door one day to feed her, and she hissed at me. That never happens unless she has kittens nearby. So I went on a search and found them in a cool (if that’s possible in the desert on a summer day) spot underneath our RV. Cute little furries. I haven’t figured out yet if there are two big kittens or three huddled together. I can’t get to them unless I crawled under the trailer with creepy crawlies like black widows that I can’t stand. Okay, I do love nature but not the black widows. They terrify me. I know they must be good for something, just not for me.

Another amazing nature change in my yard since I returned from Texas is the leaning cactus with the bird’s nest. It looks a little like the leaning tower of Piza. I haven’t seen any birdie babies, though. Funny thing is if it leans any more, my cat just might figure out a way to land in all that prickly cactus. You think? Hopefully not.

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Summer life in the desert is fascinating.


Apple Valley Freedom Festival

What did you do on July 4th?

I taught a blog session to an awesome talented artist. In the afternoon my husband and I took off for Apple Valley Lenny Brewster Sports Center to the Freedom Festival. We met vendors (saw some really neat handmade windchimes!), took photos of activities and vendors like Debbie from Lucy’s Frappe House, Santa Rocks (yes, he looks like Santa!), veterans at the VFW table, talked to people having fun, and enjoyed a wonderful evening – in spite of the downpour. That was the funny event of the day! While the Southbound group was entertaining, the MC announced, “Aren’t you glad you came to Apple Valley? It’s pouring in Victorville!” Five minutes later people were running for cover when rain burst from the clouds. We ran for the tent where tables were set up for people to eat. While there we enjoyed about an hour of talking and laughing with Edward and Liz whom we would have never met without the rain. Enjoy the photos!

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High Desert’s Writer’s Club

Interested in becoming a writer or improving your writing? If you haven’t visited the busy High Desert Branch of the California Writers Club yet, make plans to visit. It’s held on the second Saturday every month at the Apple Valley Library. It’s a great group to get to know. President President Bob Isbill invites successful authors to speak to the group. One of my favorite scheduled speakers this year is a highly successful blogger who pays his mortgage by blogging. Recent speakers listed below have shared their interesting writing experiences. Q&A sessions included always provide helpful information to the writers attending the meetings.

  • Gerald Schiller, an author of nine books and over 100 articles and magician, spoke to the writer’s group in February.
  • HD CWC member Holly La Pat spoke at the Hesperia Library
  • HD CWC member Mary Langer Thompson held a poetry workshop at the Hesperia Library in June on “Poetry from the Head and the Heart and a Few Other Places”.
  • HD CWC members Ann Heimback, Thomas Kier, Suzanne Holbrook-Brumbaugh and Dianne Neil presented writing excerpts in an “open mic” forum at the JuneĀ meeting.

This week’s focus at High Desert Blogging is on one of these authors, Holly La Pat. First impressions last a long time. My first impression of Holly is her ability to smile a lot. I like that about a person. My mother always smiled a lot. She was a pastor’s wife, and one never saw her at church without a smile. When I met Holly La Pat, I knew I would like this lady because every time you see her, she smiles. That says a lot about an individual. It doesn’t matter that a tire went flat or that the temperature is in the three digits to such a person. That doesn’t stop the smile. If it does, you and I probably won’t notice. I observed these things from Mother who smiled in spite of difficulties.

Holly wrote the book, Meg’s Confession, under her pen name, Sierra Donovan. I heard her read excerpts from the book and knew then I wanted to read it. Once I began reading it, I couldn’t put it down. Meg’s Confession is about a “pregnant widow who ducks into a confessional to spill her deepest, darkest secrets” to the priest. There was a problem, however. The man she confessed to was not a priest.

Holly has also written freelance articles for the Victorville Daily Press. Order Sierra Donovan’s books throughavalonbooks.com, Amazon.com and barnesandnoble.com.

Thank you for visiting High Desert Blogging. I hope that you will visit again soon.


High Desert Artists

Lately I’ve been focusing on antique shops in the High Desert. That’s because I love antiques. If you ever need to be inspired, visit a couple of antique shops. First, do some window shopping. Yes, you may see things you don’t want to leave without. Pick them up, and carry them on your first walk around if you may. But focus on observing. Maybe it’s your house you need inspiration for or your writing or blogging. When my mother passed away three years ago, I would go to Carriage House Antiques for comfort reasons. My mom was an amazing decorator in her home, an artist, a fabulous cook, excellent seamstress. She had the creative knack. I would walk around the antique shop and see things that reminded me of her, and it made me feel close to her. Occasionally in that first year, the reminders of those things would bring the tears on, and I would have to cut my inspiration visit short. Once, Bunny, the owner of Carriage House Antiques, was so sweet to give me a hug and comfort me with her caring spirit. So whatever your need for inspiration is, see what a walk through an antique shop will do for you.

While visiting antique shops and talking with owners and vendors, I meet the sweetest people who live in the High Desert. These are people like you and me, looking for inspiration, shopping for antiques, and who also have their own creative ideas. One such beautiful lady I met at Blue Goose Antiques, a fascinating blend of antiques. This little lady, Twania, and I found out that we are both from Texas. Not just from the big state of Texas but from two cities right next to each other. It’s an area on the Gulf Coast called the Golden Triangle, three cities together kind of like Hesperia, Victorville, and Apple Valley. What a coincidence. We enjoyed getting to know each other and met for tea and shopping later over at Carriage House Antiques. Since then I had the privilege of seeing Twania’s art. She is a fabulous abstract artist, and her art is beautiful. Let me introduce you to Twania and her art. Take a walk through the photo tour below.

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May 21 Events in the High Desert

Looking for a Father’s Day present? Go to the big sale at Carriage House Antiques tomorrow. It’s an enjoyable place for the ladies to shop. They have a special man’s cave, too – well, they don’t call it that, but it’s at the back set apart from girly antiques. Last week, however, my man found a set of cactus book ends in one of the other vendor’s booths. Someone, however, took those book ends to the front counter before my husband could grab them. Imagine who! They certainly would make the perfect Father’s Day gift for a special dad and husband.
When you walk in the antique store, turn to the right. Go all the way to the end of the aisle. Curve to the left a bit, and look on your right. There you’ll find that man cave with many very old and interesting antiques. Now for the ladies, if you love the comforts of nostalgic antique treasures, you’ll love Carriage House Antiques.

Last week I purchased a cottage book I couldn’t pass up. Call it country, nostalgic, or comfort, decorating and living in a cottage makes life pleasurable for a southern girl like me. If you love to garden or entertain your friends in the back yard, you’ll find the nicest and cutest table and chair sets for the outdoors and garden items . Let’s certainly not leave out the kitchen. Beautiful china, tablecloths, aprons, kitchen gadgets, and a multitude more you’ll discover. Never do I leave this friendly place without inspiration for writing my books and blogs, adding to my garden, or decorating my cottage.
Carriage House Antiques will welcome you with their friendly manner any day you go in, but on this Saturday, May 21st, they are offering even more. You’ll find special sales, food, live singing, and giveaways throughout the day. This Saturday hours are from 9:00 A.M. ’til 6:00 P.M. Music begins at 10:00 A.M. Mention that you heard about it from Angi at High Desert Blogging. Read more about Carriage House Antiques on their Facebook page.

Desert Iguana and Enchanted Treasures

Explore the High Desert in So Cal for vintage treasures and experience Linda Marie’s Enchanted Treasure, a shop that has become a popular spot for Route 66 tourists to shop. Since this shop opened a few months ago, many High Desert antique hobbyists enjoy shopping there. Already, visitors out of state and out of the country have visited. You’ve heard those stories of how a person lives in a community for years and never knows about the interesting sites that have attracted many from afar. Don’t let that be you. Go discover this enchanting vintage shop. Drive out on Highway 18 to Linda Marie’s Enchanted Treasures. Special events are coming soon at the beginning of June at this shop. To find out more information, go to: http://www.lindamarie’senchantedtreasures.com/. On my last visit there, the front of this enchanting shop was filled with outdoor antiques. Ms. LM was adding more in the back. Today when I went by for a visit, I was amazed at the addition of antiques, wood treasures, plants, and so much more in the back. It’s like a little mini vintage village. There’s even a vintage travel trailer that you can walk inside. It’s adorable and filled with more treasures. I had an appointment to make with my hubby and hadn’t allowed myself near enough time to shop, but Ms. LM gave me the opportunity to take photos today. I look forward to returning soon with more time and money to spend. If you’ve read previous gardening articles of High Desert Blogging, you’ve figured out that I enjoy gardening. LM’s has a delightful array of garden decor and plants that I fell in love with today. If you like container gardening, you’ll enjoy shopping in the garden section outside.
Shopping at Ms. LM’s out back is like taking your favorite colors, furniture, decor from inside and decorating a garden with it. Who says you can’t move your favorite art, chair you like to relax in, etc., to your back yard? That’s the fun in decorating gardens and your private backyard. I hope that you’ll visit this special shop soon. Tell her Angi from High Desert Blogging sent you. She is a lovely person, and you will enjoy antique shopping at this fun place.
Now that you’ve kind of been introduced to Linda Marie, let me introduce you to another acquaintance I happened to see in the High Desert today. Her name is Missy, and she and I went to a coffee shop at the same time this afternoon. Missy is an iguana. My husband met Missy and took a picture of her and her owner. Missy was covered with a blanket but seemed to be curious about her surroundings. Others looked quite curious, too, to see Ms. Missy enter the coffee shop. I stood on the sidelines, a little shy about meeting this stranger.

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Truthfully, I’m glad Missy has a devoted caregiver. I do love pets, but an iguana even in my garden would not provide me with the enjoyment I get out of caring for my pet dog and cat and her kittens. And though I can picture an iguana making a home in an outdoor garden, I’d rather read about that type of pet ownership enjoyment than experience it myself. Pictures would satisfy me. If the iguana would have jumped out of its owner’s arms today, I can imagine the chaos of people running out of the door – and I’d have been right on their heels. On the other hand, my husband happily met Ms. Missy and now you and I have the photo to prove it. You never know who – or what – you may meet when you visit the High Desert in So Cal.

High Desert in May 2011

Do you like antiques, gardening, and spring?

Mark your calenders for May 21st, the semi annual sale at Carriage House Antiques…Hot dogs, singing, door prizes etc. When you walk into Carriage House Antiques, notice the warm welcome you receive. It’s a friendly place. You’ll love this place and will want to have extra time and cash on hand. There are a variety of antiques to choose from and even a spot for the Mr. in your life to hang out. Incidentally, I’ve found many beautiful gardening items at Carriage House Antiques. Looking for fun tables to add to your garden or yard this spring? You can find them there. Great prices, too!

Don’t you love the spring colors in yards and gardens in the High Desert? I’m amazed at how roses thrive in the High Desert. If you don’t have a green thumb, you can grow roses. Rose plant fertilizer helps, too. Last year I planted roses and snap dragons, and this spring they’ve grown quickly. Must be that fertilizer and water I’ve been giving them. Want spectacular color in your garden? Plant roses and snap dragons. Add some lavender. It’s supposed to deter certain unwanted critters from roses. Plus lavender plants add more color.

Back to the green thumb, the key to a thriving high desert garden is to plant native plants and flowers. Often, hummingbirds visit my gardens. They are a joy to observe as they appear in front of you, hovering in mid air and sounding like little motors running.

Gardening is an ever-learning experience and rewarding. Community gardening has become an interest to many lately around the country. The High Desert has joined in, too. If you’re interested in community gardening of the High Desert, find out more information from The Green Maven. The Green Maven on Facebook mentioned that Hesperia Garden Club is having a plant and yard sale from 8-5 on Saturday May 14th at 10783 Oakwood Avenue, Hesperia.

Interested in beginning a blog? If you need help getting your blog set up and learning your way around the blog world, contact me. A FREE 30-minute consultation is available with your order of blog articles or three-hour blog set-up session.

If you like antiques, gardening, and spring, share your antique finds and gardening tips here. Your comments are welcome.