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Apple Valley Freedom Festival

What did you do on July 4th?

I taught a blog session to an awesome talented artist. In the afternoon my husband and I took off for Apple Valley Lenny Brewster Sports Center to the Freedom Festival. We met vendors (saw some really neat handmade windchimes!), took photos of activities and vendors like Debbie from Lucy’s Frappe House, Santa Rocks (yes, he looks like Santa!), veterans at the VFW table, talked to people having fun, and enjoyed a wonderful evening – in spite of the downpour. That was the funny event of the day! While the Southbound group was entertaining, the MC announced, “Aren’t you glad you came to Apple Valley? It’s pouring in Victorville!” Five minutes later people were running for cover when rain burst from the clouds. We ran for the tent where tables were set up for people to eat. While there we enjoyed about an hour of talking and laughing with Edward and Liz whom we would have never met without the rain. Enjoy the photos!

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